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​The NATO Centre of Excellence for Cold Weather Operations acts as the main provider and coordinator of expertise and capabilities in the area of Cold Weather Operations in NATO.

We provide NATO and partner nations with the necessary competence in order to operate under Arctic, sub-Arctic and Cold Weather conditions. This is done through utilsiing the full spectrum of competence in the Norwegian Armed Forces, coordinated with other nations' competence in cold weather environment.

Being trained and equipped for cold weather operations makes adverse climate conditions a strong ally. Being unprepared, will significantly reduce our combat effectiveness, and may ultimately lead to defeat.

Variety of programmes

The Centre of Excellence for Cold Weather Operations (COE-CWO) has been prepared to accommodate a variety of requirements – from individual training to unit level training, certification, courses, seminars, literature or advice. A programme tailored to your requirements will be developed in close cooperation with your planners.

If you have learnt to handle the constraints of extreme winter conditions, you will survive in any type of climate. 

The Centre conducts its own research in support of the Alliance's transformation effort, and is prepared to support Concept Development and Experimentation (CDE) initiatives from our allies or partners.

The Arctic is important

The COE-CWO is a concept that encompasses training areas, infrastructure, manpower and knowledge drawn from all four branches in the Norwegian Armed Forces: the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and the Home Guard.

There is an old saying: "If you have learnt to handle the constraints of extreme winter conditions, you will survive in any type of climate." In any case, time has demonstrated that the military community, as well as many civilian explorers and scientists, have benefited greatly from using a sub-arctic climate as a vehicle to develop and sharpen personal skills and unit performance prior to challenging deployments and expeditions.

Leadership development

Cold weather operations probably offer one of the best environments for leadership development at the tactical level. Our aim is to provide high-level education in cold weather disciplines for selected trainers, as well as to facilitate and support your own training of troops and units. 

COE-CWO can tailor education and support training of headquarters and units from the operational to the tactical level. We believe that National Commanders should own the training. We strive continuously for excellence in education and training.

The Centre of Excellence should be your preferred tool for cold weather education, training and exercise for units and headquarters from all services. Welcome to the Centre of Excellence for Cold Weather Operations, for a chilling experience that will fire up you and your unit.

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