Concept development and Experimentation

Here you will find documents based on reseach carried out by US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

The Concept development and Experimentation branch (CD&E) explores solutions or alternatives to current limitations and future opportunities based on lesson learned and best practices in the field of cold weather operations.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Examination of Camping Stoves

In this report (released September 2010) by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, four different commercially available camping stoves were examined for carbon monoxide emissions.​


Optimising War Performance

The document "Cold Extreme Environmental Operations" – Optimizing Warfighter Performance in Extreme Cold" is a summary of a workshop held October 2014 at Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.


Effect of Carbohydrate and Protein Supplementation

This is a description of an ongoing study that aims to determine whether supplemental food products rich in protein or carbohydrate spares muscle mass and improves recovery during winter training.​


Effects of Winter Military Training

This study examined Norwegian soldiers participating in a physically demanding winter training program to evaluate whether short-term military training alters energy and whole-body protein balance, muscle damage, soreness, and performance.​


Monitoring Physiological Parameters During a Military Ski March

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment have carried out a field trial during a ski march in Norway. Physiological parameters were monitored on soldiers in two different teams. One team was carrying backpacks, and the other team was carrying their equipment in pulks (a Nordic type of sled).​


Multiple Stress During Soldier Training Affect the Core and Skin Temperature

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of continuous military operations on soldier’s core temperature and alterations in the set-point, and to evaluate the effect of additional nutrition.


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