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Every year, the Centre of Excellence for Cold Weather Operations offer a diversity of courses.

We have the pleasure to bid for seats on the annual courses offered to NATO and partner nations.

Upcoming courses

The courses will be conducted by the Norwegian School of Winter Warfare (NSWW) at Østerdalen Garrison in Elverum in eastern Norway. New courses will be added to the calendar.

Courses in 2019
Allied Winter Course (AWC. If interest is high, we will arrange course 2 from 26 March to 22 April)
7 January–
1 February
NATO Avalanche Warning Course (NAWC) 4–15 February
Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction Instructor Course (ASEREIC): Part II, winter 4–15 February
NEW: ​Commanders' Winter Warfare Course (CWWC)
​1–12 April
Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction Instructor Course (ASEREIC): Part I, autumn
19 August–
6 September

Download the invitation for our Winter Courses 2019 (PDF).

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