Sambandslaget fra Forsvarets ingeniørhøgskole under øvelse Initial EntrySambandslaget fra Forsvarets ingeniørhøgskole under øvelse Initial Entry soldat i sambandstroppen lærer du å bruke og vedlikeholde radiosystemer.

Norwegian Battle Lab & Experimentation

Our role is to develop new capabilities for the Norwegian Armed Forces in the short-term, through practical field experimentation.

​​​​​​Norwegian Battle Lab & Experimentation (NOBLE) was initiated in 1999 and was the first modern battle lab in Europe. 

NOBLE is a part of the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, and is located in Bodø, Northern Norway. NOBLE is a joint battle lab and a part of the Norwegian Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) programme. NOBLE is able to conduct both operational and tactical level CD&E tasks.

NOBLE has conducted experiments in national and NATO headquarters, and in tactical units in all services. The lab is a small core organisation leading the planning, execution and analysis phases in an experimental process. 

A typical NOBLE experimental team consists of NOBLE regular personnel and external subject matter experts for the Norwegian military and civilian companies and institutions. 

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