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The Norwegian Defence University College

The Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC) offers the highest professional military education in Norway.

​​​​​​​NDUC consists of five departments with the following tasks:

1. The Norwegian Defence College (NONDC)​​​

NONDC gives key personnel in the Norwegian society and the Defence knowledge of and insight into defence-, foreign- and security political factors that affect the Norwegian society.

2. The Norwegian Defence Co​​mmand and Staff College (NORDCSC)

NORDCSC qualifies personnel for staff service and executive positions on an intermediate and higher level in the war and peace organisation. NORDCSC contributes to professional qualification of staff within strategy, operations and staff service.

3. T​he Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS)

IFS conducts research within the areas of military theory and strategic studies, Norwegian security policies, defence politics, defence analysis and international conflict and co-operatio​n reviews. You can visit the Institute's website here. The foundation for the activities is divided into three basic principles:

  • The prioritisation of basic research and long-term competence building​

  • Utilisation of the synergies between the contemporary historical and present-oriented studies

  • Utilisation of the synergies between historical, sociological and military expertise

4. The ​​Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education/Defence Studies (NUSPE/DI)

NUSPE/DI is the Norwegian Armed Forces' centre for physical training and conducts studies on survival and physical capacity.

5. The Norwegian Defence centre of skill​s and education (Fokus) ​

Fokus is located in 13 different locations in Norway in close proximity to the Armed Forces military units. The target groups are personnel serving their conscript time, recruits, officers and civilian employees in the Armed Forces. Each of our 13 offices can provide the target groups with the following:

  • Career/guidance sessions for making education and/or job choices
  • Repeat exams in failed subjects and/or improve grades from high school both in general studies and vocational subjects
  • Provide you with expertise in certain trades – various certifications
  • Add-on studies to enter higher education
  • Starting higher education
  • Take parts of or full bachelor and ​master degrees
  • Grants to take part in civilian education outside our system
  • Job search courses to those who leave the Armed Forces​
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