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Exercise Trident Juncture 18 will take place in large areas of Norway. We have gathered some useful information and tools for Norwegian and foreign media.

On this page you will find important information to the media regarding exercise Trident Juncture. For enquiries not about the exercise: Please visit our newsroom.


    The Civil Aviation Authority of Norway has established 16 restricted exercise areas. These areas will have different levels of activity during the exercise. The main exercise area stretches from the northern part of the eastern region to the northern part of western and central regions, and further up the northern region to Bodø. The exercise will take place between 25 October and 7 November 2018.

    The regulations that regulate the restriction areas can be found at Lovdata (a foundation that publishes judicial information of Norway). Inside the restricted areas, all flights that are not a part of the exercise, will be banned. The ban applies to all aviation, both commercial and non-commercial aviation, including model aircraft and aircraft that do not have a pilot on board (RPAS/drones). Special permits can be given in certain areas. More information on this further down.

    The ban does not apply to flights in connection with military, ambulance, police and/or search and rescue missions or exercises of such missions, as well as flights according to Treaty on Open Skies. There is however a prerequisite that prior to these flights, permits have been obtained from the Norwegian National Air Operations Centre (NAOC).

    Avinor Air Navigation Services will provide information on how the submission of modified travel plans should be made during this period to minimise operational barriers.

    This summer, Avinor published an AIP SUP. In the report you will find details and information on the restricted areas during Trident Juncture.


    Non-participating traffic can apply for a special permit to fly in the restricted areas from NAOC. Applications can be submitted to NAOC at a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the flight. The flight must have a significant social utility value, and it can not disturb planned military activity in the relevant area or time.

    Applications for such special permits to fly in the restricted areas must contain the following:

    • Time period: Date and time from start till end, given in Universal Time (UTC).
    • Area and/or route description: Given in coordinates containing LAT/LONG in DDMMSS format, e.g. 623240N 0115030E and known place names.
    • Vertical limitation: Lower – if other than ground level, and upper altitude, given in feet about sea level (AMSL).
    • Map: Clearly showing the area and/or route description.
    • Type of aircraft: Registration number and/or callsign (if applicable).
    • Cause/desctiption of activity and usefulness.
    • Contact information: Contact person, company, operator, phone number.


  • Press Officer

    Do you work for the media and need information on exercise Trident Juncture 18? Please contact the NATO Media Information Centre.

  • Press Kit; Facts, Pictures and Video

    The Norwegian Armed Forces has a large collection of images and video. Media can use the content if it is credited.

  • Remember to prepare for the cold weather

    Even if the weather looks fair, it can change extremely fast this time of year. The wind chill also plays a large factor in how cold you will get. Therefore: Bring warm clothes with you at all times.
    Here you can see some useful tips for cold weather

  • Strength demonstration day – 30 October

    As part of exercise Trident Juncture, we will carry out a demonstration with the participating forces at Byneset (Trondheim) on 30 October. The demonstration is based on various scenarios where forces from NATO countries will demonstrate their capacities. In total there will be twelve scenarios.

    The strength demonstration is based on various scenarios where forces from NATO countries will demonstrate their capacities. In total, twelve scenarios are scheduled to take place in the air, at sea and on land. The demonstration will last for just over one hour. The demonstration day is mainly for NATO Secretary General, Minister of Defence, NATO Ambassadors and Military Leaders from Norway and NATO, as well as international and national press. The purpose being how the NATO forces exercise and train together. In addition to the demonstration, there will be a display of equipment and personnel from the participating nations.

    Shortly before the demonstration, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will hold a press conference. The Secretary General will also answer questions from the press.


    In cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK will produce a pool TV feed from the demonstration that will be made available for other media. The pool feed will be a clean feed, real-time production made available as a live signal. NRK will disseminate this signal via EBU's Eurovision News Exchange to EBU members.

    There are several ways to access the pool signal:

    • From NRK MCR – uplink at pool-takers own expense, 250€ per hour.
    • Downlink directly from satellite. Details will be provided when you register.
    • WEB-TV live stream for re-distribution via own server/CDN. Direct access not allowed. Details will be provided when you register.
    • Locally: From NRK pool production at Byneset, Trondheim, cabling with your own BNC to jack at NRK production van. Deadline 24 October.

    Additional video material

    NATO will produce various additional video relevant to the exercise and an integral part of the big screen display for the VIP audience at Byneset, but which are not part of the POOL production. In addition there will be produced a script with explanation of the scenarios. This additional material will be published/sent in advance.

    Contact information

    Other news agencies and media wishing to access the pool signal are requested to contact: Marit Moi in NRK.

    For questions on the production during the demonstration day and the possibilities for media, please contact Stine Barclay Gaasland. in Norwegian Armed Forces Media Center.

    If you want updates about media events during exercise Trident Juncture, please register here.

    Specific events will also require media accreditation. We will inform you about this in advance.  

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    en_208_mediaenpress_5_mediaopportunities_t/en/media-opportunities_trident-juncture/media/PubImages/170626-FRAN-0485V-188.jpgTrident Juncture Media opportunitiesHere is a selection of media opportunities during exercise Trident Juncture 2018 in Norway. We advise journalists to sign up for the events you wish to cover. en_208_media


    This folder provides guidance and directions for Environmental Protection (EP) to all units participating in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2018. Below you can download the brochures in all available languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German and French).

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