Get to know Norway

Are there polar bears in Norway? How do you say "thank you" in Norwegian? Find out here.

You might have heard about Vikings, northern lights and polar bears. But Norway is much more than that. Find out more about our country and learn some Norwegian phrases to impress the locals with.

Norwegian phrases
Most Norwegians speak English very well, so you don't have to worry. But if you really want to impress the locals, we have made a small phrasebook for you.

Firstly, note that the Norwegian alphabet has three extra letters: Æ, Ø and Å.

  • Æ, æ – transcribes as ae. Æ is pronounced as the English a in bad
  • Ø, ø – transcribes as oe. Ø is pronounced as the u in turn
  • Å, å – transcribes as aa. Å is pronounced as the au in Paul
english–Norwegian phrase book
Hello / Hi
Hallo / Hei (pronounced: haalo and hay)
​Yes / No
Ja / Nei (pron.: yah / nay​)
GoodbyeHa det (pron.: haa-deh)
​Good morning
​God morgen (pron.: goo moh-ohrn)
​Good evening
​God kveld (pron.: goo kvel)
​Good night
​God natt (pron.: goo naat)
​How are you?
​Hvordan går det? (pron.: voord-ahn gawr deh?)
​My name is …
​Jeg heter … (pron.: yei heh-tr)
​What is your name?
​Hva heter du? (pron.: vah heh-tr du)
​Thank you
​Takk  / Tusen takk (pron.: tak / tuusn tak)
​Please​Vær så snill (pron.: væh soh snil)
Sorry/ Excuse me
​Unnskyld (pron.: unn-shill)
​The Armed Forces
​Forsvaret (pron.: fosh-vah-reh)
I would like a bacon hot dog
(a must-have at petrol stations)
​Kan jeg få en baconpølse?
(pron.: cann yæ foh en beik'n-puhlse)
​Norway is a beautiful country
(charms every Norwegian)
​Norge er et vakkert land
(pron.: Nor-geh er et vak-uht lann)
What happened to the weather?
(you will get this after a while)

​Hva skjedde med været?
(pron.: vah shedd-uh meh vær-eh)

Norway fun facts

• There are 5.3 million Norwegians, and King Harald V is the monarchical head of state. The de facto head of state is the Prime Minister, currently Mrs Erna Solberg from the Conservative Party.

• Norway borders three countries: Sweden, Finland and Russia. In addition Norway also shares a sea border with Denmark and the United Kingdom.

• Norway is an oil-producing country, but gets 98–99 per cent of its electricity from hydroelectric power; more than any other country. This makes electricity cheaper than in other countries.

• Norwegians recycle almost all their drinking bottles and cans. Do not throw these in the rubbish bin. Instead, use the recycling machines for bottles and cans that you will find in every supermarket. This will also give you money back for each bottle!

• While Norway might not have reached the FIFA World Cup, the country is far better in winter sports like cross-country skiing and alpine. In fact, the words ski and slalom are Norwegian words. And according to a local saying, Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.

 • Contrary to what you might have heard, there are no polar bears in mainland Norway. However, there are polar bears on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole.

• Traditional Norwegian cuisine normally includes potatoes, root vegetables, fish and meat – normally sheep, goat and pork. Very often the fish and meat in traditional meals have been preserved, like lutefisk (dried whitefish treated with lye) and smalahove (smoked sheep's head). However, modern Norwegians will cling on to their hot dogs, sushi, pizza, hamburgers and "Friday tacos", just like everyone else.

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