Registration for F-35 First Aircraft Arrival at Ørland

This year Norway will receive their first F-35 combat aircrafts.

The arrival will be honored at the Royal Norwegian Air force's birthday on the 10th of November 2017.  The ceremony will take place at Ørland Air Station.

The official program will consist of speeches, entertainment and light refreshments.


Due to the location of Ørland Air Station, there will be a designated ferry from Trondheim.

From the airport at Lerkendal and Værnes Airport, there will be busses transporting to the Pier. 

Those who arrive with the early planes on the 10th of November are requested to use the accommodated transport from the Airport.

Those staying at Scandic Lerkendal are requested to use scheduled transfer from the hotel.

If none of the above mentioned transportation methods meet your needs, you are asked to meet directly at Trondheim Pier.

Transportation times will be updated on this page shortly.


At Scandic Lerkendal Hotel, there are rooms available for booking. Use the link on the right hand side on this webpage, and use the following booking code: BLUF091117


Service dress/Dress uniform (military), Business/Informal or similar (civilians), as well as warm outerwear.

The programme for the ceremony will be uploaded to this web page shortly.

RSVP by the 22nd of September 2017

register here
Published 11 July 2017 14:12.. Last updated 11 July 2017 14:24.