Press Accreditation for the F-35 arrival ceremony at Ørland Air Force Station

The time has come for Norway to receive our first F-35 Lightning II to Norwegian soil.

On the day of the Royal Norwegian Air Force's 73rd anniversary, on 10 November 2017, the F-35 aircraft arrival will be honoured. The ceremony takes place from 13:30 to 15:15 at Ørland Air Force Station, central Norway.

The following guidelines are applicable for press accreditation registration:

  • An application must be e-mailed to this address:, with the form on the right of this page. The application must include the following information:
  • Which media you are writing and/or taking pictures for
  • All participants' first name and surname
  • "Letter from the Editor" stating your assignment

The required information above must be forwarded to us by 10 October 2017. You will receive an answer to your application in due time before the ceremony. 

Please note: Foreign media personnel must forward a Request for Visit (RFV) no later than 30 days prior to entry into Norway. Each country has different procedures. Contact your local government for details.  

Published 27 September 2017 12:03.. Last updated 16 October 2017 10:31.