osh_tmbnlatvia-19osh_tmbnlatvia-19http://forsvaret.no/media/PubImages/osh_tmbnlatvia-19.jpghttp://forsvaret.no/media/PubImages/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=630En soldat fra Mekanisert infanterikompani 3 (MEK 3) i Telemark bataljon avfyrer en M72 panservernrakett i et skytefelt i Latvia. A soldier from Telemark battalion fires an M72 LAW.

M-72 anti-tank weapon

​This weapon has been used since 1966. The Norwegian model is called NM 72 F1. It is developed as a retractable pipe functioning as packing for rockets. The weapon fires from shoulder-point position. It is not possible to reload the weapon after firing. 

Manufacturer: Nammo Raufoss AS, Norway
Length: 780–985 mm
Calibre: 66 mm
Weight, loaded: 3.27 kilograms​
Muzzle velocity​:  Approximately 198 m/s

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