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Military ranks and insignia

Not quite sure what a Petty Officer or a Squadron Leader is? Find all the military ranks and insignia of Norway here.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who ranks above whom? And what is Group Captain? This is well known for most people in the Norwegian Armed Forces, but can be confusing for others. In the PDF document to the right, you will find the newest and most updated overview over all the Norwegian military rank​​s and insignia.

New ca​​reer path​​​

From 2016, the Norwegian Armed Forces now have two different career paths for military employees in the organisation: one for officers, and one for specialists.

Officers (OF) are military personnel with military academy education, or academic education and qualification courses. Specialists, or non-commissioned officers (OR), have officer training, or academic qualifications or prior learning of special importance for the Armed Forces.

Two systems of ranks

The two career systems each have their own system of ranks and insignia. The officers follow the traditional Norwegian military ranks, while the specialists have their own structure with a set of completely new ranks.​

Published 22 March 2016 13:29.. Last updated 01 December 2017 13:46.