Joint Exercise with US bombers and Norwegian fighters

For the third time this year, Norwegian fighters trained together with US strategic bombers.

​Today, Norwegian F-35s and F-16s trained together with US B-52 Stratofortress in international airspace just outside Finnmark, in Northern Norway.

The US Airforce has for some time now, had regular exercises in Europe with some of their capacities. Earlier this year, the Royal Norwegian Air Force conducted several joint exercises both over Iceland and Norway with the F-35s and F-16s.

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enpress_10_jointexercisewithusben_268_jointtraininginnorwe/en/newsroom/joint-training-in-norwegian-airspace/media/PubImages/20200520JH_E9A4560.jpgNorway and the U.S. join forces in the airOn 20 May 2020, four Norwegian F-35s trained along with two American B-1B bomber aircraft in Norwegian airspace.enpress_10_jointexercisewithusbhttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedPages/DispForm.aspx?ID=164

Norway is an arctic nation with big sea- and land areas.  Being present in northern parts of Norway, and having joint exercises with our allies is strategically important.   

“US is our closest ally. This deployment demonstrates US commitment to the defence of Europe. US forces need to conduct exercises in Europe with its allies to be able to defend Allied territories, including our national area of responsibility. Through this kind of integrated training between close allies, both our forces increase our ability to operate together seamlessly, says Chief of Defence, Haakon Bruun-Hansen.

B-52 Stratofortress is one of the US's strategic bomber-aircraft fleet, as well as B1- Lancer and B-2 Spirit.




Just last week, Norway got three new F-35, and has now received almost half of the planned fleet. In total Norway now has 25 of 52 F-35s. The plan is that Norway will be fully operational with the F-35s in 2025.  

For questions:

Ministry of Defence's communication unit
+47 23 09 60 11 or: fdinfo@fd.dep.no​

Norwegian Joint Headquarters
+47 404 38 083 (no texts) or: info@njhq.no

Head of Communications, Royal Norwegian Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel Stine Barclay Gaasland, +47 957 41 532 or: sgaasland@fms.mil.no

Published 03 June 2020 16:10.. Last updated 03 June 2020 20:19.