Trident Juncture Media opportunities

Here is a selection of media opportunities during exercise Trident Juncture 2018 in Norway. We advise journalists to sign up for the events you wish to cover.

The registration is non-binding. NATO will provide more detailed information about each event (attendance, transportation, etc.) to those who have signed up.

Note that for the events at Bodø Air Station, Ørland Air Station and the DV Day, an accreditation certificate is required. Application for accreditation certificates is automatically created when you sign up for these events. You will also have to bring your passport and a photo copy of your passport when attending the events at Ørland or Bodø.

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Media opportunities 




30 October 2018: Distinguished Visitors Day (DV Day).

About: The DV Day will include a one-hour demonstration from all military branches participating in the exercise.

NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster, will produce a live feed of this demonstration. Their pool signal (live clean feed) will be offered to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and other medias requesting the feed. Pre-produced material and script will be sent separately to Eurovision/other press as a package in advance.

Where: Byneset, approximately 40 minutes drive from Trondheim.



enpress_5_mediaopportunities_tenpress_5_mediaopportunities_thttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedMedia/DispForm.aspx?ID=548/media/PubImages/Dronebilde juristseminar.jpg

29. & 31 OCTOBER 2018:  

About: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt, FFI) and Allied Command Transformation (ACT) showcase future logistics and supply solutions. During this event, you will learn more about 3D printing of spare parts and how drones, sensors, self-propelled cars and autonomous mine clearence can help defend bases. You will also get an insight into how drones can be used to deliver spare parts or ammunition. Several of the Norwegian Armed Forces industry partners will also showcase their solutions.

Where: Stjørdal Harbor, 40 minutes from Trondheim.




29 October 2018:  American Amphibious assault

About: Approximately 10,000 troops will participate in this operation. This is a joint operation with troops from SOF, air, sea and amphibious forces.

Where: Sunndalsøra, approximately 4 hours from Trondheim.




31 October 2018: Media day at Ørland Air Station.

About: Showcasing different types of aircraft including F-35, and action in air. Ørland Air Station is Norway's main base for F-35. During the exercise Ørland Air Station will be the primary base for fighters, tankers and cargo planes. On this day, media is invited to the air station to learn more about the different aircraft, as well as meeting representatives from the different nations. 

Where: Ørland Air Station, 1-hour ferry-ride to from Valset to Ørland.




31 October 2018: River crossing by the Norwegian brigade.

About: Norwegian soldiers will practice river crossing while under fire from a British brigade. Approximately 1000 troops will participate. There will be a limited number of media at this event.

Where: Tynset, approximately 3 hours from Trondheim





01 November 2018: «Battle of Oppdal»

About: Troops from the U.S. Marine Corps will exercise an attack on the village of Oppdal. Spanish forces from an Italian-led Brigade will train to delay the attack and defend Oppdal. About 5,000 troops and heavy equipment, including attack helicopters will participate.

Where: Oppdal, Approximately 2 hours from Tronheim.




01 November 2018: Mass injury exercise

About: Norwegian health professionals work on saving lives and providing health care when many are injured (mass injury), providing health care to evacuated, and training emergency management.

Where: Orkanger, approximately 1 hour from Trondheim.




02 November 2018: Battle with armoured vehicles

About: There will be battles along two different axes in Tynset and Femundsmarka using artillery, tanks and armoured vehicles. Norwegian, British, German, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and French troops will participate. Media will have the opportunity to choose which troops to follow during this day. About 5000 troops will participate.

Where: Near Tynset, about 3 hours from Trondheim.





02 November 2018: Media day at Bodø Air Station

About: Bodø Air Station is the base for Norway's F-16 fighter aircraft. It will be the main base for the fighter aircraft activity during the exercise, and eight different nations will operate from Bodø Air Station. This day, it is planned that Admiral Foggo will be here to meet the press. Media can also take pictures of take offs and meet representatives for the different nations.

Where: Bodø Air Station

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