Kystvaktsfartøyet Magnus Lagabøte ble sikret av et fartøy fra Sjøheimevernet under øvelse Njord / From the Norwegian Home Guard exercise Njord in Lofoten area in Northern-Norway in 2014Kystvaktsfartøyet Magnus Lagabøte ble sikret av et fartøy fra Sjøheimevernet under øvelse Njord / From the Norwegian Home Guard exercise Njord in Lofoten area in Northern-Norway in 2014 Coast Guard and the Home Guard during Exercise Njord in Northern Norway in 2014. Photo: Marius Kaniewski
Sivile stillingerSivile stillinger dag er omtrent en tredjedel av Forsvarets ansatte sivile. Denne kombinasjonen av militær og sivil kompetanse gir organisasjonen en unik bredde. Landscape from Lofoten archipelago, Northern Norway. Photo: Marius KaniewskiLandskap fra Leknes i Lofoten/

Protecting Norway

The principal task of the Norwegian Armed Forces is to safeguard Norway's sovereignty and defend the country against external attacks.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In addition to this, the Norwegian Parliament and Government have given the Armed Forces several other tasks. We solve these missions on behalf of the Kingdom of Norway – in both peacetime a​nd wartime. Read more about them here:​

​​​Defending Norway and our allies

The Norwegian Armed Forces function as a war-preventing threshold, and must be strong enough to stop foreign forces from threatening or attacking Norway. Our NATO membership contributes to heighten this threshold. In return, Norway will also contribute if one of our allies is attacked, and NATO has to intervene.​

International partner

Norway is an active member of several international organisations, among them the UN and NATO. Norway's international commitments are also important for the Armed Forces. We participate in several missions worldwide. These missions include everything from crisis management and humanitarian aid to peacekeeping and peace enforcing.

​​​Surveillance and intelligence

With only 5.4 million people, Norway might be a small country. But Norway is a long and rugged country with vast sea territories stretching from the North Sea to the High Arctic. Our strategic location makes it important to continuously​ monitor Norway's land territory, sea territory and airspace. The Norwegian Intelligence Service collects and analyses information that can affect our interests and safety.​

Sovereignty and au​​​​thority

The Armed Forces enforce – with military power if necessary – Norwegian sovereignty and territory. We also protect Norwegian embassies and Norwegian shipping. In addition, we enforce Norwegian law along our border with Russia. The Navy and the Coast Guard continuously patrol our sea territories. Our airspace is monitored every second by the Air Force in cooperation with NATO. The Army and Home Guard protect our land territories, while the Cyber Defence secures our computer systems, networks and high-tech platforms.

​​​Protecting civil society

The Armed Forces work closely with the police and other civilian authorities. Whenever the police ask for ​​help, the Armed Forces can support and protect civil society during dramatic events like accidents, natural disasters, terror attacks and other crimes. We also participate in operations concerning search and rescue, removal of explosives and counter-terrorism.

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