Start timeTuesday, February 7, 2017
End timeThursday, February 9, 2017
Event typeConference

Air Power Conference 2017

Chief of Staff of the Norwegian Air Force's Air Power Conference 2017 is held on 7 to 9 February 2017. Deadline for registration is 15 January 2017.

​​Norway is about to purchase fifty-two F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Both the Norwegian Minister of Defense (MoD) and Chief of Defence (ChoD) argue that the F-35 will be a key capacity for the defence of Norway.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has coined the phrase “a Fifth Generation aircraft demands a Fifth Generation Air Force”.  The conference aims to reflect on and discuss the very premises for the current debate on defense in Norway and NATO, and how airpower will play a central role in this picture. We also want to examine the key international military conceptual (strategic) trends that are likely to influence Norway in the coming decade. 

Furthermore, the conference aims to challenge the Air Force to answer more specifically what “a Fifth Generation Air Force” is, and what i​​​​s needed in order for us to become one. 

For registration, programme and more information – go to this page.​

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