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NATO takes the lead

On Saturday 29 September, the logistics operation within Trident Juncture was transferred from Norway to NATO.

Trident Juncture 2018 is a large exercise in every way. Around 50,000 soldiers, 10,000 vehicles, 250 aircraft, and 65 vessels are coming to Norway for the exercise this October and November. The first equipment started arriving in Norway already in August. Back then the Norwegian Joint Headquarters was in charge, but on Saturday 29 September Norway handed over the logistics command to NATO's Joint Logistical Support Group.

At Sessvollmoen Base, just north of Oslo, NATO has set up a temporary camp, in witch the official handover ceremony was held. Norwegian chief of operations, Rear Admiral Sverre Engeness, opened the ceremony. After the official signing, NATO's Joint Logistical Support Group is now in charge of the logistics operation.

NATO takes over

Norway's most important task is receiving and handling all the allied forces and equipment coming to Norway. This requires a great amount of planning and close cooperation with civilian partners. From now on, Norway shares this responsibility with NATO.

"From this day on, it is not 'Norway' or 'NATO'. It is 'us'" Rear Admiral Engeness said in his speech this Saturday at Sessvollmoen base.

Cooperation is important

Both parties underlined the importance of close cooperation between NATO and Norway. Responsibility and control will not only be in the hands of NATO and there will still be a close dialogue between the host nation and NATO. This is important to reduce the consequences for the local communities and getting logistics and mechanical services up and running.

"Reducing the consequences for the population affected by the exercise is vital to us. To achieve this, we will work closely together with civilian partners like the police, railway, road authorities and private businesses", Rear Admiral Sverre Engeness said.

Published 01 October 2018 12:43. by Norwegian Joint Headquarters. Last updated 18 October 2018 12:29.