Innsettelse av Generalinspektøren for Hæren (GIH). Ny GIH, generalmajor Odin Johannessen / The new Chief of the Army Staff Odin JohannessenInnsettelse av Generalinspektøren for Hæren (GIH). Ny GIH, generalmajor Odin Johannessen / The new Chief of the Army Staff Odin Johannessen av ny generalinspektør for Hæren, generalmajor Odin Johannessen.Major General Odin Johannessen started his new job as Inspector General for the Army on 6 October 2015. Photo by Ole-Sverre Haugli, Norwegian Army.

The Army's new Inspector General

Major General Odin Johannessen has returned to the Army as its new chief.

​​​​​​​​​The Government appointed Odin Johannessen as new Inspector General of the Army on Friday 2 October 2016. Only four days later, Johannessen had his first day. This was celebrated with an official ceremony at Rusta Camp in Northern Norway.

Cooper​​ation and respect​​

In his inaugural speech, the new Inspector General underlined the importance of working together.

"The Army is cooperation, and cooperation is everything," he said.​

Johannessen also pointed out the importance of mutual respect, diversity and respect for the individual. At the same time, he assured that he will maintain and further develop a professional and value-based standard in the Army. 


The Inspector General of the Army, supported by the Army Staff, is responsible for the Army's force production. The Inspector General is based in Bardufoss in Northern Norway.

Norwegian Chief of Defence, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, says Johannessen is the right person for the job. 

"I am confident that Johannessen is the right man to take the Army even a step further. He has relevant experience from all levels of the Armed Forces – particularly from the Army, both nationally and internationally," says Bruun-Hanssen.

A ​​​Man of the army

Odin Johannessen started his military career in the Infantry in 1981, and has since had a varied and long career in the Army, including several international operations.​

In 2011, he was appointed as Commander of Brigade Nord in Northern Norway. Since spring 201​4, he has served as chief of the Defence Staff's Operations Division.

Major General Odin Johannessen. Photo by Torgeir Haugaard       
"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Johannessen as chief of the Operations Division, a job that he performed in a very good and exemplary manner," says the Chief of Defence and is looking forward to working closer with Johannessen in the years to come.

Top Changes

The appointing of the new Inspector General is one of several top ​chief changes in the Armed Forces lately. In May, it was announced that Lieutenant General Morten​ Haga Lunde succeeds Kjell Grandhagen as Commander of the Norwegian Intelligence Service. Lunde takes over from 2016.

In September, the previous Inspector General of the Army, Rune Jakobsen, was chosen as Lunde's successor as Commander of the N​orwegian Joint Headquarters. Jakobsen took over as Commander on Wednesday 7 October 2015.
Published 02 October 2015 15:20. by Norwegian Army and Norwegian Armed Forces Media Centre. Last updated 08 September 2017 10:55.