We´re ready

Today, Norway takes over NATO's readiness for the Iceland Air Policing (IAP) mission. At the same time, the F-16 is constantly on standby at home in Norway.

Our Norwegian F-35 fighter aircrafts are now guarding Icelandic airspace, operating from the former US military base at Keflavik.

It is the first sharp, overseas mission for the Norwegian F-35, after the system was declared initially operational in November last year.

For the next 4 weeks, 150 Norwegian soldiers, commanders, officers and civilians will be on duty around the clock on Iceland, contributing to a continuous presence and assertion of sovereignty on behalf of NATO.

- The mission is an important milestone for the F-35 and shows that we are very capable. Simultaneously as the NATO mission, we will carry out several missions in Norway - both with today's F-16 and our new F-35, says Lieutenant Colonel Ståle "Steel" Nymoen. He is the Norwegian Detachment Commander. 




–The Icelanders are preparing everything for us to be able to fulfill our mission. We feel very welcome, says Steel.

The tasks are the same as those carried out by Norwegian F-16 from Bodø (Quick Reaction Alert-QRA).

Norwegian F-16 is ready around the clock on behalf of NATO. From Bodø, they move out each time the Armed Forces control and alert chain detects an unidentified aircraft near our Norwegian airspace. The goal is to identify the unknown aircrafts and  show that Norway and NATO are in control of our own borders.

In 2022, the F-35 will take over the QRA mission after the F-16.

“We are thus already solving the mission we will be solving from Evenes in the future,” says Steel.

In addition to IAP, the ongoing assignment in Bodø will continue as normal. Norway will consequently perform two QRA missions in two countries at the same time.

“The fact that the F-35 can demonstrate operational capability in such an operation is an important milestone towards full operational capability in 2025,” says Chief of the Air Force, Major General Tonje Skinnarland.

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  • Iceland does not have its own air defense, and in order to meet Iceland's need for sovereignty and airspace surveillance, NATO contributes to periodic air defense presence in peacetime. Norway, on behalf of NATO, will be responsible for this in the period week 10 to 12 in 2020.

  • During IAP, personnel from CRC Sørreisa will also participate in Iceland Air Policing. These are personnel from the control and alert unit who will assist in forming an aerial surveillance image with their Icelandic colleagues. These will also assist with the training of new Icelandic personnel.

Published 01 March 2020 18:26. by Hedvig Antoinette Halgunset . Last updated 01 March 2020 18:28.