When NATO came to town

Hugs, hamburgers and socks. The Norwegian residents of Voll in Trøndelag county show they appreciate NATO coming to town.

Text and photo: Rune Haarstad (text) and Bethanie Sahms (photo)

Local stores are filled with items the American U.S. Marines like, a knitting group are handing out woollen socks and the kids give the Marines hugs when they come to visit the local school.

In the small village of Voll in Trøndelag County, the population has doubled over the last few weeks. 2,000 U.S. Marines are stationed on a field nearby during exercise Trident Juncture.

"We really appreciate that the locals are so positive about this and welcome the Americans who are here for the exercise", says liaison officer Torstein Sem with the Norwegian Home Guard.

Every night the local kiosk, serving burgers, attracts crowds of Marines, hungry for something else than field rations.

"They are so nice!", beams Ragnhild Eklid, one of the locals involved in handing out colourful socks to the Marines.

And did you know? All the money from the sales go to local charities in the area.

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Published 27 October 2018 12:31. by Rune Haarstad (text) and Bethanie Sahms (photo). Last updated 28 October 2018 18:58.