The UN wants more women to serve

Just 4 per cent of the personnel in UN missions are women and more than 30 countries do not have a single woman in UN service. The UN now takes steps to increase the number of women in its organisation.

Around 80,000 troops, staff officers and experts serve in UN missions across the world. Of these, just over 4 per cent are women. The UN wants to increase this share to 16 per cent, and then further increase it by one percentage point every year in the coming years.

With just under 10 per cent, Norway does not match the UN target either. Why is that? We have spoken to three Norwegian officers serving in the UN. Meet them below:



en_242_theunwantsmorewomenten_245_trineinmali/en/newsroom/trine-in-mali/media/PubImages/IMG_1762-Trine-Minusma.jpgTrine in MaliAs personnel officer for the UN in Mali, Trine Jørgensen gets close to a lot of people, cultures and nations. And death.en_242_theunwantsmorewoment
en_242_theunwantsmorewomenten_244_sandrainsouthsudan/en/newsroom/sandra-in-south-sudan/media/PubImages/IMG_7134-001.jpgSandra in South SudanHow would you react if you had to spend a year in one of the most dangerous countries in the world? Sandra Tjørn was thrilled.en_242_theunwantsmorewoment
en_242_theunwantsmorewomenten_243_ireneinsyria/en/newsroom/irene-in-syria/media/PubImages/20190327th_I6190.jpgIrene in SyriaThe UN is returning to the Syrian side of the Golan. That suits Irene Vassli Forsjord perfectly. en_242_theunwantsmorewoment

Norwegian Major General Kristin Lund became the first female force commander in UN history when taking over UNFICYP in Cyprus in 2015. Now she commands UNTSO, the UN mission in the Middle East.

Lund believes the UN ambition is a step in the right direction – also for female soldiers and officers.

"Through serving abroad they challenge themselves and learn new cultures and ways of doing things", Lund says.

Women also bring with them new ideas, knowledge and perspectives into operations, says Lund, and points out that female soldiers easier make contact with local women in any area of operations.

"If we cannot reach the entire population in our operational area, we won't have the information we need or have a full understanding of the situation."

 Meet Kristin Lund, the UN's first female force commander:



en_242_theunwantsmorewomenten_241_kristinlunduntso/en/newsroom/norwegian-officer-makes-nato-history/kristin-lund-untso/media/PubImages/20190325tk_I5882.jpgThe UN’s Middle East correspondentRight in the middle of the world’s most complex conflict is a Norwegian Major General. Luckily, Kristin Lund has been out in the storm before.en_242_theunwantsmorewoment

Published 23 August 2019 12:24.. Last updated 29 August 2019 09:38.