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US Air Force training together with allies in Norway

On the 30th of October an American Stratofortress B-52 aircraft from the US Air Force conducted an exercise with the Norwegian Armed Forces in Setermoen firing range in Indre Troms.
During the exercise the American bomber trained together with Norwegian F-16 fighters in the air space west of Troms, while Terminal Attack Controllers from the Norwegian Air Force interacted with the American aircraft from the ground.

The American aircraft from Barksdale Air Force Base in Lousiania are stationed in Fairford in the UK to conduct flights in the European air space. As a part of their program, the US Air Force has expressed a wish to train together with Norwegian forces.

Norwegian Terminal Attack Controllers interacted with the American aircraft from the ground. Foto: Norwegian Armed Forces

– From the Norwegian Armed Forces point of view this is a unique opportunity to train together with our allies from the US Air Force and get familiar with a strategically important capacity. Joint training is important when it comes to practicing basic procedures, so that the two allies are able to support each other if there should be a need for it in the future, said Colonel Eystein Kvarving, Chief of Public Affairs at the Norwegian Joint Headquarters.

The Norwegian Armed Forces has trained together with B-52 bombers on multiple occasions.

The United States is Norway’s most important ally. In order for the United States to contribute to the defence of Norway, it is vital that American forces exercise in Norway. Our ability to operate together is important for effectively defending Norway and the NATO alliance’s territory. Through military presence and joint training in Europe, the United States shows that it contributes to NATOs collective defence.

Published 31 October 2019 15:56.. Last updated 31 October 2019 15:57.