Sjefsskifte_FST5of9Sjefsskifte_FST5of9 Jan Eirik Finseth takket fredag 10 januar av som sjef for Forsvarsstaben. Hans etterfølger, Generalløytnant Erik Gustavson ble satt inn samme dag under en høytidelig seremoni på Akershus Festning

The Defence Staff

​​​​​​The Defence Staff acts as the staff of the Chief of Defence. The Staff plans, runs and follows up on the activity and the development of the Armed Forces.

Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Erik Gustavson.   

On behalf of the Chief of Defence, the Staff has executive power to run the Norwegian Armed Forces. The Staff assigns priorities, manages resources, provides force generation and supports activities. ​The Staff is situated in Oslo.​

The current Chief of Defence Staff Norway is Lieutenant General Erik Gustavson.​

The Staff has a secretariat and five divisions responsible for different areas of expertise:​

  • ​​​the Planning Division ​​
  • the Management Division
  • the Operations Division 
  • the Personnel Division
  • the Finance Division ​
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