Request for visit

Request for Visit to Norway (RfV) is required for individuals who are not pre-cleared for access to classified information and security areas.

The lead time for standard visits is 7 workings days’ notice from the day that the RfV arrives at Norwegian Defence Security Agency (NorDSA)

 Division of duties and responsibility relating RfV to Norway



en_201_rfvVisitors<ul> <li> Provide accurate information in the application </li> <li> In cooperation with the hosting party provide a valid purpose for the visit </li> <li> Provide further information upon request </li> <li> Consent that the information in the application is processed and stored by NorDSA </li> <li> Forward the application to visitors country of origin: </li> <ul> <li> National Security Authority </li> <li> Designated Security Authority </li> <li> Others Competent Security Authorities </li> </ul> </ul> en_201_rfv
en_201_rfvHosting party<ul> <li> In cooperation with the visitors, describe the purpose of the visit </li> <li> Will the visit include access to classified information or restricted areas? If yes - a RfV application must be submitted </li> <li> State the correct requirements for visitors (security classification, security clearance, Point of contact for the visit) </li> <li> Provide accurate information about the hosting party, unit and locations that are to be visited </li> <li> Uphold security regulations during the visit </li> </ul> en_201_rfv
en_201_rfvBase security<ul> <li> Distribute notification of approved RfV`s </li> <li> Register the visit at point of entry to the Base </li> <li> Cooperate with hosting party to ensure that Base security regulations are upheld </li> <li> Inspect and verify the proof of identification on arrival </li> </ul>en_201_rfv

Request for visit to Norway


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