General Materiel Systems DivisionGeneral Materiel Systems Division

General Materiel Systems Division

The General Materiel Systems Division takes care of our troops’ fundamental equipment needs. In other words, the equipment each serviceman or woman carries about them.

In addition, The General Materiel Systems Division supplies medical equipment, tools, catering equipment, power generation equipment, tents, veterinary services, fuel, ammunition and explosives. Equipment that is crucial in any operation, irrespective of service.

The General Materiel Systems Division is responsible for managing the equipment throughout its entire lifespan. This means, for example, ensuring that the materiel is available and that the systems are used in accordance with their performance specification, configuration, availability and safety procedures. The division draws up requirements for maintenance and must approve any changes in the materiel systems.

The General Materiel Systems Division is headquartered at Kolsås in Bærum, but also has staff located at Raufoss, Bergen, Kjeller, just outside Lillestrøm, Ørland and Bardufoss.

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