Integrity System

Since our establishment on 1 January 2016, we have placed particular emphasis on the development of our values and ethical standard. Every member of the NDMA’s workforce is expected to familiarise themselves with our core values and codes of conduct.

We take our responsibility for making a positive contribution to the defence sector’s reputation seriously. Our efforts to maintain a high ethical standard at the NDMA are organised in our integrity system, which comprises three main elements; our core values, our codes of conduct and our anti-corruption programme, and two supporting elements; competence-building and integration in HR processes.

Our integrity system is evaluated annually. The evaluation is carried out in the form of a maturity assessment, which covers the areas control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, and follow-up activities.

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forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystemforsvarsmateriellen_31_corevalues1/forsvarsmateriell/en/integrity-system/core-values1/media/PubImages/verdigrunnlag.jpgCore ValuesAt the heart of Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency's (NDMA) integrity system lies the NDMA’s core values: integrity, respect and responsibility.forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystem
forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystemforsvarsmateriellen_30_anticorruption/forsvarsmateriell/en/integrity-system/anti-corruption/media/PubImages/antikorrupsjon.jpgAnti-corruptionThe Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) manages substantial financial resources on behalf of Norwegian society. NDMA's anti-corruption programme is a comprehensive and unceasing process to reduce the risk of corruption and fraud.forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystem
forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystemforsvarsmateriellen_27_codesofconduct/forsvarsmateriell/en/integrity-system/codes-of-conduct/media/PubImages/retningslinjer-en.jpgCodes of ConductBoth employees and vendors must abide by the NDMA’s ethical standards, which are defined in applicable governing documents.forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystem
forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystemforsvarsmateriellen_32_competencebuildingan/forsvarsmateriell/en/integrity-system/competence-building-and-integration-in-hr-processes/media/PubImages/hr.jpgCompetence-building and integration in HR processesThe Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency’s (NDMA) values and the ethical standards that spring from the agency’s codes of conduct are built into key HR processes, such as recruitment, employee dialogue meetings, performance reports and employee surveys.forsvarsmateriellen_26_integritysystem

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