Codes of Conduct

Both employees and vendors must abide by the NDMA’s ethical standards, which are defined in applicable governing documents.

The NDMA’s own governing documents include the NDMA employee code of conduct and a code of conduct for vendors. Several other governing documents published by the Ministry of Defence also apply. These include the Ethical guidelines for contact with business and industry in the defence sector, which is highly relevant in the NDMA’s day-to-day operations.

The NDMA's Code of Conduct for Vendors

The NDMA aims to undertake efficient procurement processes that support the positive development of society, and that take people, society and the environment into account. For this reason, vendors wishing to sell to the Norwegian defence sector must meet certain standards. These standards apply to vendors’ corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility and financial responsibility, as well as their anti-corruption efforts and overall corporate governance.

Ethical Guidelines for Contact with Business and Industry in the Defence Sector

The objective of the ethical guidelines for contact with business and industy in the defence sector, which have been issued by the Ministry of Defence, is to clarify and exemplify in a practical manner the type of behaviour that is acceptable and expected of all employees in the defence sector, as regards their relations with external business contacts. It is also intended to inform industry representatives of the rules and guidelines that apply in the defence sector.

The Navigation Wheel

Codes of conduct and rules do not provide the answer to every ethical problem or dilemma that one may find oneself facing. Good judgement is required to decide whether a certain action or decision is ethically justifiable.

To provide additional support when important decisions are to be taken, the NDMA has elected to use the Navigation Wheel, developed by Øyvind Kvalnes and Einar Øverenget, two Norwegian philosophers and authors.

Published 06 December 2017 15:39.. Last updated 25 October 2019 13:50.