Competence-building and integration in HR processes

The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency’s (NDMA) values and the ethical standards that spring from the agency’s codes of conduct are built into key HR processes, such as recruitment, employee dialogue meetings, performance reports and employee surveys.

NDMA is a modern competence-based organisation that is critically dependent on having the right expertise in the right place at the right time in order to perform our role in society. A modern competence-based organisation requires a good working environment and a strongly embedded set of values.

The competence-building component includes various communications and training activities to ensure sufficient knowledge and ‘ownership’ of the NDMA’s values, codes of conduct and anti-corruption programme among the agency’s own staff and third-party employees (temps, consultants, etc) who work for NDMA.

In the performance of their work, NDMA staff may encounter ethical issues and dilemmas. In order to enable employees to act correctly and in accordance with the agency’s values, the NDMA has implemented a knowledge-building scheme consisting of:

  • an introduction to the agency’s integrity system on new employees’ induction day,
  • dilemma training, where participants identify and discuss relevant and tangible ethical issues and dilemmas,
  • e-learning/nano-learning on relevant topics and
  • compulsory training session for employees who have external business contacts, in which participants explore in depth selected topics concerning the management of relations with such contacts.

The practical integration of our values and ethical standard in HR processes include:

  • testing candidates’ attitudes and aptitude for ethical reflection in the recruitment process,
  • asking questions related to the agency’s core values during employee dialogue meetings and
  • measuring adherence to our values and ethical standard in employee surveys.

The Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) is a key partner in NDMA’s integrity system, and assists the agency in its efforts to enhance its competence in this area.

Published 13 December 2017 14:43.. Last updated 04 March 2019 11:13.