Core Values

At the heart of Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency's (NDMA) integrity system lies the NDMA’s core values: integrity, respect and responsibility.

NDMA has a vision, a mission and a set of values that underpin everything NDMA does. Together, these keep the whole agency moving in the same direction, promote shared attitudes and provide a common ethical and leadership platform.



forsvarsmateriellen_31_corevalues1forsvarsmateriellen_31_corevalues1 core values are illustrated in the operational platform, along with our vision, mission, goals and strategy 2020./media/PubImages/Verdihus2.jpg

NDMA's vision is to be relevant and timely. The agency will deliver the right solution at the right time for the purpose concerned. The realisation of that vision will be of significant benefit for both customers, suppliers and NDMA.

NDMA's mission encapsulates what the agency actually does, and what its purpose is. Quite simply, the mission is this: We equip the Norwegian Armed Forces.

NDMA's core values are integrity, respect and responsibility. All these values shape organisational culture, but integrity is the lodestar. People should always feel that NDMA can be trusted. Probity in the agencys work and keeping an arm’s length from the suppliers are crucial for the proper management of society’s shared assets.

NDMA's Core Values
We understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
... for the defence sector’s core values.
​... for reaching our objectives.
We have zero tolerance for corruption.
... for the trust that we have been given to manage valuable assets.
... for egne handlinger.
We play straight and can always be trusted. 
​... for decisions that have been taken.
​​... for the NDMA’s reputation.
We reflect over and share any ethical dilemmas we may encounter.
​... for confidentiality.
... for ​maintaining a positive and enjoyable working environment.
We report wrongdoing and matters that cause us concern.
We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated ourselves.
​​... for continuous learning and improvement.

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