Historical agreement of a Nordic Combat Uniform procurement

The Finnish Defence Forces, the Norwegian Defence, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Danish Defence have formalised an agreement to procure a combat uniform system for use by all four nations. They are now inviting companies worldwide to prequalify as their supplier.

This is the first time the four Nordic countries have published a prequalification for a joint procurement for soldier equipment of this size.

– I am proud to say that the Nordic countries have worked together persistently over a longer period of time, proving that the Nordic countries are able to come together when it comes to military procurements, says Colonel Lars Torgeir Dahl, Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Nordic Combat Uniform project.

The goal of the procurement is to provide the soldier with protection against threats from the operating environment. The Nordic Combat Uniform (NCU) project is an inner to outer combat uniform system which is to be functional in worldwide operations. The combat uniform system is to be used by all branches in the military in the four Nordic countries. The technical requirements for the NCU system will be the same for the four countries, with the exception of some logistical requirements and national camouflage patterns.

– For many years, the Nordic countries have had a close and good cooperation. It is with great pleasure we see that we are achieving concrete results of the Nordic cooperation through this joint procurement of combat uniforms by four countries. This may reduce costs and give efficient common solutions, says Minister of Defence, Frank Bakke-Jensen.

It is expected that the procurement agreement will have a cost of EUR 100 million to 150 million for Norway, and a total of EUR 290 million to 425 million for all four Nordic countries combined.

By publishing the prequalification requirements, the four Nordic countries are formally inviting the industry to prove that they are able to deliver uniform systems of this quantum and required quality. The Nordic countries are thereby one step closer to achieving the goal of a common combat uniform system.

The prequalification documents may be found at Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), reference 476330-2017, at Doffin and at Mercell.



About the NCU cooperationAbout the NCU cooperation<ul class="forsvaretElement-p"><li>The project´s initiation was in February 2016. Just months later, a technical arrangement regulating the cooperation was signed.<br></li><li>The Nordic Combat Uniform (NCU) project´s purpose is to purchase a common Nordic combat uniform system to replace and reinforce existing combat uniforms, outer, mid and inner layers, in the NORDEFCO countries.<br></li><li>Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) is a cooperation between Denmark, , Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Its main goal is to strengthen the participating nations´ national defence, explore common synergies and facilitate efficient common solutions.<br></li><li>The joint procurement will be conducted by the Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organization, the Finnish Defence Logistics Command, The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration.<br></li><li>NDMA will lead the procurement procedure on behalf of - and together with the other purchase organizations.<br></li><li>You can find the project´s homepage <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<br></li></ul>

Published 28 November 2017 11:34..