Starttidspunkt19. juni 2017 09:00
Sluttidspunkt21. juni 2017 12:00
StedAkershus festning (Oslo)
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Legal seminar 2017: Into the Void-Law and Technology in the Future

Does the military technological development challenge existing law, or is it simply a recurring question of applying flexible rules to concrete circumstances?


Akershus fortress, Auditorium Forsvarsmuseet

The seminar open for all. Please register by 9 June 09:00.

Participation fees

Seminar incl. lunch NOK 400
NMF reception, NOK
Seminar NMF member
NOK 350

Technology is advancing rapidly and affects us in all aspects of life.  A revolving issue when it comes to law is the power of definition. From smart phones with numerous “apps” to organize grocery shopping, personal health care and plain tickets, to self-driving cars. Military technology is of no exception in this regard. Unmanned vehicles exist in the air and under sea, and advanced data programmes are used for instance to process data collection, to calculate expected collateral damage, to monitor airspace, and even to react to incoming enemy missiles (missile defence).

How does new technology challenge the law?

Acknowledging that all war-fighting is basically about exploiting the weaknesses of the adversary, this technological asymmetry may in turn affect how wars are fought and how the threat scenario is perceived by each side of a conflict.

On the one hand, non-State armed groups have access to modern technology such as smart phones and social media – they have even been seen combining conventional (old) technology with advanced and easily accessible technology, for example as means of target identification.

On the other hand, advanced missile defence systems, fighter planes with precision guided munitions, long-range drones and submarines, are (usually) only accessible for resourceful States. In this seminar, we ask how what these differences in acquired and adopted technology are and how they create differences in the threat scenario. Subsequently we ask how these differences challenge the law.


Bödvar Ingvarsson
+47 9935 7535

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