Administrative information

For accommodation, please sign up to attend within 14 January. After this deadline, we cannot keep a reservation, and any vacant rooms will automatically be deleted. 

You may begin the conference with a lunch at the Royal Norwegian Air Force on Tuesday 5 February at 11.00. The conference ends on Thursday 7 February at 12.00. It will mainly take place in the Academy's auditorium "Lille Norge".

Conference Secretariat 

The secretariat opens Tuesday 5 February at 9.00. It will be open the following days from 8.00 to one hour after the last lecture. All claims relating to transport, accommodation, finance or other administrative matters are addressed to the secretariat. 


Accommodation must be booked by each individual. It is advised to book a hotel at the same time as signing up, as it may be challenging to get rooms in Trondheim on short notice. 

When making your reservation a CODE must be used to get the agreed price (listed below). 

Comfort Hotel Park:

Single room NOK 990,- per night

Scandic Solsiden:

Single room NOK 1210, - per night

Double room NOK 1410, - per night 

Scandic Nidelven:

Single room NOK 1460, - per night

Double room NOK 1660, - per night 

You book a room at Scandic as following: 

Visit Scandic's website Scandichotels/Trondheim, choose your hotel and select dates 5–7 February 2019 and enter the booking code. 

Scandic Nidelven:

Send mail to:

Or call: +47 73 56 80 02

Specify code: BLUF050219 

Scandic Solsiden:

Send mail to:

Or call: +47 21 61 46 02

Specify code: BLUF050219

You book a room at Comfort Hotel Park as following: 

Visit Comfort's website Comfort Hotel Park and select dates 5–7 February 2019 and enter the booking code. 

Send mail to:

Or call +47 73 83 39 00

Specify code: GB000156


Service outfit is to be used during the conference. During the main conference dinner on Wednesday 6 February please use proper attire. 2/3 for military personnel and dark suite or similar for civilians. 


A transportation plan is to be prepared in time for the conference. All needs beyond this must be addressed to the secretariat. LKSK will as far as possible handle transportation to and from the airport and different hotels. Transportation beyond this must be arranged by each individual. 

There will be organised transportation from Trondheim Airport at Værnes to the Royal Norwegian Air Force on Tuesday 5 February. The bus is at the airport at 10.00 and leaves at 10.15 and 10.30. The same will take place on the day of return on Thursday 7 February. This is already scheduled by the secretariat. Daily round trip transport from hotels will be set up according to the programme schedule.

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