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Military strategy today: threat, risk, response

On 25 September, we bring together experts to discuss the challenges facing NATO in a more dangerous and unpredictable world.

Military strategy, the art of using military force to achieve foreign policy objectives, is growing in importance. 

Russian action against Ukraine has revived deterrence as the centrepiece of NATO strategy in Europe, while in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, European states are attempting to use military force to stabilise Europe's unruly periphery, deter regional powers, and combat groups that pose a direct threat.

The seminar brings together international experts to discuss the challenges facing NATO today, and how the Alliance is responding. Topics include maritime strategy – with special emphasis on European involvement in the Persian Gulf – as well as contemporary Turkish, French and Danish military strategy.

  • Are European NATO states capable of developing coherent and effective military strategies? 
  • How do they align or differ on fundamental military strategic questions? 
  • And are they able to bridge their differences and work together to achieve strategic aims?

Date: Wednesday 25 September
Time: 12.30–15.00 (registration and lunch from 12.00)
Venue: Høymagasinet, Myntgata 7 (on the way to Festningen restaurant)
The event is for free and open to all. Pre-registration is compulsory.
The seminar is carried out by the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC)/Command and Staff College

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Registration / coffee / lunch

Welcoming remarks by Colonel Atle Gerhard Stai, NDUC

Introduction to today's program, Janne Haaland Matlary, University of Oslo and NDUC

New strategic challenges for NATO: military strategy in an age of realism
Director Dr Robert Johnson, Oxford Changing Character of War Centre

The relevance of maritime strategy
Captain (N) Steinar Torset, NDUC

Turkish military strategy: challenging NATO
Dr Metin Gürcan, Istanbul-based independent security analyst

French military strategy: How military force supports foreign policy
Dr Samuel Faure, Sciences Po Saint-Germaine-en-Laye (University of Paris-Seine)

Danish Military Strategy: Always the Closest US Ally?
Dr Peter Viggo Jakobsen, Royal Danish Defence College


Panel discussion and Q&A
Moderated by Associate Professor Håkon Lunde Saxi, NDUC

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