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Book launch 22 October: Security in Northern Europe

Facing Russia’s military build-up, Northern European nations must show unity of effort. Leading experts from key NATO countries discuss ambitions and obstacles.

Date: Monday 22 October 2018
Time: 09.00–11.00 (breakfast and registration from 08.15)
Venue: Oslo Military Society (OMS), Myntgata 3, 0151 Oslo
Organiser: NDUC/Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS)

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The main challenges Northern European nations face involve finding ways to make regional defence cooperation strategic rather than ad hoc. A new RUSI Whitehall Paper,
Security in Northern Europe, argues that the Wider North must show unity of effort as it returns to 'hard' security issues.

The anthology emphasises the importance of regarding Northern Europe from the Baltic to the High North as an operational unity, and of connecting 'atlanticism' and 'continentalism'. The partnership with the United States still defines the Alliance; the US is the only country with the military power to deter, contain and counter Russia.

The authors conclude that NATO members have taken significant steps to counter Russia's policies and actions, but that the Alliance and its partners need to invest more in high-end materiel and in readiness in order for its forces to become capable and sustainable on short notice. NATO's new command structure represents a very positive step to ensure that the Alliance is 'fit for purpose'. As part of this effort, NATO's Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) in Northwood, UK, led by Vice Admiral Clive CC Johnstone, will be empowered as a maritime theatre component commander.


Welcoming remarks

  • Prof. Kjell Inge Bjerga, Director IFS

Introduction of the book

  • Col Prof. John Andreas Olsen

Presentations by the authors

  • 'The Nordic Region', Pol. Dir Svein Efjestad
  • 'The UK and the Northern Group', Prof. Peter Roberts
  • 'Netherlands Defence and Security Policy', Prof. Frans Osinga
  • 'A View from Washington', Amb. Alexander Vershbow (TBC)

Panel discussion and Q&A

  • Moderated by Prof. Rolf Tamnes

Keynote Address

  • VAdm Clive CC Johnstone

The seminar is organised by the IFS research programme Security and Defence in Northern Europe (SNE).


Kjell Inge Bjerga is Director of the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS) and Professor of defence history. He was Dean at the Norwegian Defence University College 2014–2017, and Head Secretary of the Governments Working Group on Military Aid to Civilian Authorities 2016.

John Andreas Olsen is a Colonel in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, currently assigned to London as Defence Attaché. His previous assignments include tours as Director of security analyses at the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (MoD), and Dean of the Norwegian Defence University College.

Svein Efjestad is Policy Director at the Norwegian MoD. He is engaged in policy planning, Nordic Defence Cooperation and bilateral defence and security issues. In 1995–2013 Efjestad served as Director General for security policy at the MoD.

Peter Roberts is Director of Military Sciences at the Royal United Services Institute, having been the Senior Research Fellow for Sea Power and C4ISR since 2014. Roberts was a career Warfare Officer in the Royal Navy, serving as both a commanding officer and national military representative.

Frans Osinga is an Air Commodore in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Professor of War Studies, Head of the Military Operational Art and Science Section, and Chair of the War Studies Programme at the Netherlands' Defence Academy.

Alexander 'Sandy' Vershbow is a Distinguished Fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security at the Atlantic Council. He was the Deputy Secretary General of NATO 2012–2016, served for three years as Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs, and has also served as US ambassador to NATO, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Korea.

Rolf Tamnes is Professor at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies. He served as the Institute's Director for sixteen years (1996–2012), was Head of the international research programme 'Geopolitics in the High North' (2008–2012) and Adjunct Professor at the University of Oslo (1995–2009).

Clive CC Johnstone is Vice Admiral and Commander of NATO's Allied Maritime Command in Northwood. He is NATO's principal maritime adviser and has operational command of NATO's Standing Naval Forces. A graduate of Shrewsbury School, Durham University and Britannia Royal Naval College, Johnstone has deployed to most points of the compass with the Royal Navy.

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