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Starttidspunkt8. mars 2019 09:30
StedAkershus festning (Oslo)

Power and elites in Russia. How to run an authoritarian state.

An IFS Russia Programme Seminar on Friday 8 March 09.30-11.30 at Oscarsborg (building 10 – Akershus Fortress).

Like all heads of state, authoritarian leaders rely on functioning legal institutions to regulate the economy and everyday affairs. They, too, face expectations to keep law and order and deliver on economic promises. Nevertheless, authoritarian regimes must also sustain elite privileges.

Privileges contribute to undermining equality before the law, they threaten property rights, and hamper economic reform. In Russia's case, sanctions and a lack of reform create additional tensions.

At this seminar by the IFS Russia Programme, we discuss how elite concerns shape politics, economic development and legal practice in Russia. We will also draw attention to implications for how to approach Russia.


09.00 Registration and coffee

09.30 Welcoming remarks. Director of Research IFS, Professor Katarzyna Zysk

09.40 Law and Power in Russia. Making Sense of Quasi-legal Practices. Håvard Bækken, Senior Fellow IFS.

10.00 Privilege and Property. Energy Companies and the State. Ingerid Opdahl, Associate Professor IFS and head of Russia Programme. 

10.20 Coffee break

10.30 Sanctions and Political Economy in Russia. Richard Connolly, Director, Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES), University of Birmingham & Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House. Connolly will participate on Skype.

10.50 Panel discussion and Q&A. Moderator: Jardar Østbø, Associate Professor IFS.

11.30 Light lunch

The seminar is fully booked.

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