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Postponed: Russia’s Changing Strategy and Warfare. What now, NATO?

Due to the COVID-19 situation this seminar has been  postponed to this autumn as a public event or a webinar.
Distinguished scholars and policy-makers will discuss key developments in the theory and practice of Russia’s strategic thinking and NATO’s progress in meeting the new Russia challenge.

NDUC/Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies 

Complete programme will follow

Russian military strategy has undergone a dynamic development over the past decade, with a strong impact on Russia's approach to the use of force in international relations. This includes an increasing ability to apply military and offensive non-military means, not least in the 'grey zone' that is often not limited by territorial borders. What methods and means might Russia apply to reach its policy objectives next?

  • What trends do we see emerging in Russia's military strategy and warfare? 
  • How are they shaped by the Russian strategic culture and military thought, mixing past with the future? 
  • How is Russia imagining and preparing for future wars? 
  • And is NATO on the right path in adapting its defense and deterrence to Russia's changing strategy?

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