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US–China–Europe relations in a new era

On Thursday 19 September 2019 the Norwegian institute for Defence Studies invited leading scholars from Europe and the United States to discuss how global power shifts and how growing US-China rivalry affect Europe, transatlantic relations and a new world order. 

Watch the seminar here

The speakers examined past, present and future continuity and change in the triangular relationship by drawing on and assessing the findings in our previous volume US-China-EU Relations: Managing the New World Order

The aim was to develop new perspectives and a new volume on this vital triangular relationship in international politics. Welcome speech by Professor Katarzyna Zysk at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies/the Norwegian Defence University College.    

  • Professor Robert S. Ross at Boston College and Harvard University explained the increased USChina rivalry and conflict and its implications for Europe and transatlantic relations.
  • Senior Fellow Philippe Le Corre at the Harvard Kennedy School discussed ChinaEurope relations and China's increasing investments and influence in Europe.
  • Professor Rosemary Foot at Oxford University focused here remarks on the rule based global order and how USChinaEU relations are shaping a new world order.

The speakers made a short introduction followed by a discussion moderated by Professor Øystein Tunsjø at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies/the Norwegian Defence University College.  

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