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JWC partners with academics

In January, Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) met up with NDUC, PRIO and NUPI to discuss possible cooperation to prepare better for future military operations.

A constantly changing security environment increases the complexity and scope of training requirements. NATO's JWC intends to add more value and realism to the training and warfare development by partnering with a wider community of experts.

That is why NATO's JWC and its Commander, Jan Christian Kaack, initiated a meeting with the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC)'s academic staff to explore opportunities for a cooperation.

Major General Henning-A. Frantzen, Commandant and Principal of the NDUC and the academic staff met with JWC, and, to further enhance the opportunities of collaboration, invited the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) to present relevant projects.

 — This venue today is a good step forward, by discussing possible ways of a closer cooperation with NDUC, NUPI and PRIO. A partnership will be of mutual benefit, according to Commander Kaack.



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In his remarks, Paal Hilde at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies at NDUC outlined two areas that he saw as having the greatest scope for cooperation: exercise control and scenario development. 

He also explored some of the benefits the parties could draw from cooperating.



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—PRIO produces research that we want to make sure reaches decision makers. We have a joint interest with JWC in understanding how conflicts may be avoided, how humanitarian suffering in conflict may be reduced, and how conflicts can be ended and peace sustained, stated Henrik Urdal, Director at PRIO.



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—I see many potential academic opportunities for collaboration, such as in the field of hybrid warfare, Karsten Friis, Head of Research Group on Security and Defence at NUPI, filled in.

The first goal of the collaboration is to provide insight, the second to stimulate to ideas and third proper collaborative initiatives. The next step is to set up in-depths meetings.

Text and photos: Marianne Holmen

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