The Norwegian Defence University College

The Norwegian Defence University College is a university college dedicated to higher education and research in the fields of security and defence policy, military power, leadership and the conduct of war. It is an academically independent institution that provides education at the master and bachelor levels to military professionals from all branches of the Norwegian Armed Forces, their partners and to eligible civilians.



hogskoleneen_2_defaulthogskoleneen_123_ourstudies/hogskolene/en/our-studies/media/PubImages/_Z7T4403.jpgOur studiesIn the course catalogue, you can read more about learning goals, study plans and learning outcomes in all subjects.hogskoleneen_2_default
hogskoleneen_2_defaulthogskoleneen_121_research/hogskolene/en/our-studies/research/media/PubImages/IMG_0013.jpgInternational Academic cooperation NDUC strategic goal for 2019 is to be able to cooperate within the framework of Erasmus+ by 2020. Erasmus+ is an important tool for NDUC to enhance our international cooperation and exchange opportunities for students with our strategic important partners in Europe. hogskoleneen_2_default
hogskoleneen_2_defaulthogskoleneen_122_events/hogskolene/en/events/media/PubImages/181016_0040_OLBI.jpgEventsThe NDUC Events are open to all and free of charge. Upcoming events in English are announced on this page, in the NDUC newsletter and on social media.hogskoleneen_2_default
hogskoleneen_2_defaulthogskoleneen_141_research1/hogskolene/en/research-(2)/media/PubImages/Research_eng_sider_ill_ingress.jpgResearch and developmentThe main fields of NDUC research are military leadership, strategy and operations, and defence and security policy.hogskoleneen_2_default
hogskoleneen_2_defaulthogskoleneen_120_about/hogskolene/en/about/media/PubImages/Toppbilde.jpgAbout the NDUCThe Norwegian Defence University College consists of five educational departments and two research institutes.hogskoleneen_2_default

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