Hagen, Anne Marie
DepartmentNorwegian Defence University College, Norwegian Military Academy
PositionAssociate Professor
Phone+47 23099377

Anne Marie Hagen is a book historian with a PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh (2015). She has been a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (Edinburgh, 2015–2016) and postdoctoral tutor in the Department of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. In addition, Hagen's background encompasses publishing and translation and working as a historical researcher specialising in shipwrecks. Since 2017, she is associate professor in English at the Norwegian Defence University College, where she teaches English, academic writing and questions related to narratives, genre, and communication.

Hagen's research interests are rooted in book history and the history of reading. She has published on editorial practices and publishing for the education market. An article on collective biographies of 'heroic women' is accepted/forthcoming in Recovering Women's Past: New Epistemologies, New Ventures, eds. Séverine Genieys-Kirk and Suzanne Trill, from the University of Nebraska Press.

Currently, she is at work on a monograph on the discourse on 'reading hygiene' in the early twentieth century. The monograph examines how scientific knowledge was employed in book production and the facilitation of reading.

An ongoing research project is the use of life-writing in military education as a method for developing cadets' critical literacy and critical thinking skills, and she is investigating military print culture more generally.

Areas of interest and expertise

  • book history and the history of reading
  • literature, science and technology
  • life-writing
  • military print culture from the nineteenth century to the present
  • British literature and history
  • the nineteenth and early twentieth century (UK)
  • narratives 

Parts of books/reports

  • Hagen, Anne Marie. 2019. "Historical Facts and “Romantic Daring”: Thomas Nelson and the Adventure Tale as Education". In The Land of Story Books: Scottish Children’s Literature in the Nineteenth Century, edited by Sarah Dunnigan and Shu-fang Lai, 158–173. Glasgow: Scottish Literature International.
  • Hagen, Anne Marie. 2017. "‘Exemplary texts, exemplary officers? Using life writing in EL2 military education.’". In Military Sciences – The Backbone of Military Educational Institutions? – Book of abstracts ISMS 2017, edited by Anders McDonald Sookermany, Eystein Lockwood Meyer and David M. Last, 243–245. Oslo: Forsvarets Stabsskole.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Hagen, Anne Marie. 2019. Towards a Narrative Method: Using Life-Writing in Military Education. Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies (SJMS) 2 (1): 42–54.
  • Hagen, Anne Marie. 2013. Thomas Nelson & Sons and Their Publisher’s Readers in the 1890s: Change and Continuity in Juvenile Publishing. Publishing history 73 : 57–79.

Op-eds/comments/blog posts

  • Hagen, Anne Marie. 2017. Review of Left Out: The Forgotten Tradition of Radical Publishing for Children in Britain, 1910-1949. Review of English Studies.
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