Hoel, Camilla
DepartmentNorwegian Defence University College, Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy
PositionAssociate Professor
Phone+47 73 99 54 98

PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh (2012). She has worked at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, but has been employed at the Air Force Academy as Associate Professor of English since 2015.

The main focus of her research has been on the reception of unfinished serial narrative, the question of who has the authority
  to complete the text, and how the attitude to the perceived authority of the author determines how we react to the unfinished text – with a particular emphasis on Charles Dickens' unfinished The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1870), but also the early fan reception of Sherlock Holmes. She is currently writing a book on the subject. In addition, is currently researching gender and alterity in science fiction, and how the genre uses (post-)apocalyptic scenarios to illuminate questions of ethics and power.

She teaches English language, rhetoric, questions of gender, alterity and social power, current affairs and intercultural communication.

Fields of Interests:

  • Authorship and authority
  • Unfinished texts
  • Alternative voices and their narratives
  • Gender, power, and alterity in science fiction
  • Ethics in apocalyptic scenarios


  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2012. The Completion of Edwin Drood: Endings and Authority in Finished and Unfinished Narratives. Doctoral dissertation, University of Edinburgh.

Parts of books/reports

  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2013. "Sherlock Holmes". In Oxford Bibliographies - British and Irish Literature, edited by Andrew Hadfield. Oxford University Press.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2018. "Secret Plots: The False Endings of Dickens's Novels". Victoriographies -- A Journal of Nineteenth-Century Writing, 1790-1914 8 (3): 230–246.
  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2017. The Final Problem: Constructing Coherence in the Holmesian Canon. Authorship 6 (1).
  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2008. The Ludic Parody of Terry Pratchett. Forum (Special 02).

Non-refereed articles

  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2015. Fascinasjonen ved det utilgjengelige: "Love and Tensor Algebra". RISS : magasin for studentar og tilsette ved Institutt for nordistikk og litteraturvitskap, Universitetet i Trondheim (1): 88–94.
  • Hoel, Camilla Ulleland. 2015. "The Narrative Significance of Dickens' Death". Cloisterham Tales .

Op-eds/comments/blog posts

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