Kvam, Ina Holst-Pedersen
DepartmentNorwegian Defence University College, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy

(b. 1989) Holst-Pedersen Kvam is Researcher at the Section for Sea Power and Naval Leadership at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (RNoNA). She graduated from the University of Bergen (UiB) in 2018 with an MA in Comparative Politics, specializing in Russian maritime defence planning and the implications for Norwegian maritime strategy in a NATO framework. She has previously worked as Research Assistant at UiB and the Academy.

Her research areas include the Russian armed forces with particular focus on Russian strategic thinking and operational art as well as sea power and structural developments, military strategy and naval doctrine.

Holst-Pedersen Kvam is also Series Editor of RNoNA's Concept Paper Series.


  • Russian military doctrine and strategy
  • Russian seapower and maritime strategy
  • Russian strategic thinking and operational art
  • Russian special operations
  • Norwegian long-term defence planning


  • Kvam, Ina Holst-Pedersen. 2018. “Strategic Deterrence” in the North. Implications of Russian Maritime Defence Planning and Seapower to Norwegian Maritime Strategy. Master’s thesis, Universitetet i Bergen.
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