Sauter, Alexander
DepartmentNorwegian Defence University College, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy
PositionAssociate professor
Phone+47 55 51 87 10

(b. 1983) Diploma (equiv. master) in physics at the Heidelberg University, Germany, in spring 2010. PhD in biophysics, immunology, material science/nanotechnology at the University of Bergen, spring 2015. Postdoc focusing in automatic data analysis, microfluidics, bio-impedance and nanotechnology at the University of Bergen up to fall 2016. Associate professor in electronics and automation at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy since fall 2016.

Course Coordinator (past or present) for courses like Automated systems, Sensor theory, Electrical engineering, Systems engineering, and data transmission theory at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy.

 Fields of interest 

  • Methods development
  • Automation and autonomy
  • Sensor theory and Measurement Techniques
  • Data processing
  • Transmission theory
  • Sensor and control systems
  • Artificial intelligence

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