Kjeksrud, Stian
DepartmentNorwegian Defence University College, Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College
PositionAssistant Professor

(b. 1974) Stian Kjeksrud works at the Norwegian Defence International Center (NODEFIC) and heads the university college's research program on UN peace operations (2019-2022). Kjeksrud is also assistant head of research at the Command and Staff College. His main research interest is the utility of military force to protect civilians from violence in armed conflict.

In 2019, Kjeksrud defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Oslo, Department of Political Science, entitled: Using force to protect: A comparative analysis of UN military protection operations. In the dissertation, he analyzes the ability of UN operations to protect civilians from violence in African conflicts during the period 1999-2017, and explains what conditions lead to effective protection. Kjeksrud also holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University in New York (2007), with a concentration in international security policy. 

Kjeksrud has previously worked as a senior researcher at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) (2007-2019). In 2014, he was associated with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as part of the doctoral thesis. He completed the Norwegian Defence University College's Senior Executive Course in 2012. Kjeksrud also has long experience as a soldier and officer in international operations, and has served in Lebanon, Kosovo, Macedonia and Afghanistan. Previously, he worked as a police officer in Oslo Police District. 

Kjeksrud's research on civilian protection is used in policy and concept development in both NATO and the UN, and has led to a number of publications.


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