Strand, Gisle
DepartmentNorwegian Defence University College, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy
PositionPrincipal Lecturer Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
Phone+47 55 51 87 14

Strand (b. 1963) - BSc Naval Engineering, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, MSc Naval Hydrodynamics and Ship Construction, NTNU Trondheim, MIT/USN 13A courses.

Naval Officer (EDO) RNoN, Naval Engineer at Section for Naval Architecture at Material Command, Assistant Professor Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy since 1999.

Course Coordinator (past and present) for courses like Naval Architecture, Combustion Engines, Marine Turbomachinery, Machine Elements, Applied Thermodynamics and Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary systems. Head of hydro-mechanical laboratories and engine room simulators. Responsible for coordination and follow-up on STCW-parts of education.

 Fields of interest 

  • Naval ship construction and historic development
  • Naval ship survivability
  • Naval propulsion and machinery
  • Propeller, rudder, hull cavitation
  • Gas Turbines for Naval applications


  • Strand, Gisle and Alexander Sauter. 2019. Naval Archimedes, kompendium vår 2019 MILM1302 Militær problemløsning, Kull 18-21. Compendium, Forsvarets Høgskole/Sjøkrigsskolen.
  • Strand, Gisle, Ellen Margit Berle and Roar Espevik, eds. 2016. Realfag og teknologi for marineoffiseren. Bergen: Sjøkrigsskolen.
  • Strand, Gisle and Ansgar Lund. 2010. Skipsmaskineri : drift og vedlikehold : kompendium. Compendium, Bergen maritime fagskole.

Non-refereed articles

  • Strand, Gisle. 2016. Marinen og dieselmotorer. Necesse 1 (2): 32–37.
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