Our Educational Model

By creating forums that encourage the development of cross-cultural trust and confidence, and by sharing ideas and experiences, we aim to turn every course participant into a valuable tool in efforts to engineer the peaceful settlement of wars and conflicts.


NODEFIC takes pride in having the best and most experienced lecturers, from all over the world. Much of what you will learn in our courses comes from other participants sharing their knowledge and experience.


We expect all participants to share their knowledge and experience with each other. Our highly experienced instructors facilitate working groups in which you and your fellow participants solve challenges – together.


NODEFIC attracts participants from a variety of nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and professions, including civilians, police and military personell. Attending our courses gives participants the possibility to broaden their professional network beyond national borders, organisations and professions, and make new friends.


NODEFIC prepares participants for work in multinational operations in countries far from home. By attending our courses, participants will have an opportunity to work with people that look different, think differently, speak differently and act differently.

Published 03 December 2014 10:54.. Last updated 03 October 2016 13:17.