The history of NODEFIC

NODEFIC (Norwegian Defence International Centre) was formally established in 1996.

Prior to this, various units in the Norwegian Defence Force had participated in the Nordic Defence Cooperation hosting and facilitating courses for the other Nordic countries as well as other UN members. For example the log - and movement courses were conducted at Vatneleiren, Stavanger.

The creation of NODEFIC was done for a number of reasons:

  • Norway wanted to have one and one only focal point for the courses conducted under the Nordic umbrella.
  • Experience from earlier UNIFIL contingents illustrated that Norway needed to institutionalize the concept of Lessons Learned from our participation in Peace Support Operations abroad.
  • To streamline and improve pre- and redeployment measures and activities NODEFIC was given the task of being national parent unit for all personnel serving as other than part of formed Norwegian national units.

Since the establishment of NODEFIC, some of these responsibilities have been taken over by others, and new tasks have been added to NODEFIC’s portfolio.

Currently, NODEFIC is responsible for all courses conducted in Norway under the NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation) arrangement. NODEFIC is also the executing and supporting unit of Norway’s support for SSR (Security Sector Reform) projects various places around the world.

Published 04 June 2012 13:42..