United Nations Field Crisis Management Course (UNFCM)

Aim and purpose

UNFCM introduces and exercises the roles, responsibilities and essential procedures in the management of crises in Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)- led field missions, as well as support provided to the field by United Nations (UN) Headquarters.

Core objectives

After completing the course, participants will be able to

  • Address a wide spectrum of crisis situations in field missions, including those that would benefit from an integrated, multidimensional response requiring coordination with UN Headquarters
  • Understand the crisis response architecture within the UN, including individual entities processes and the system-wide crisis management framework
  • Develop, refine and update UN crisis management standard operating procedures at the field level
  • Implement UN crises management procedures within mission settings
  • Facilitate crisis management simulation exercises in field operations


Applicants should preferably

  • Be personnel in current or future DPKO-led missions, or UN country teams, agencies, funds and programmes who will be involved in crisis
  • Be DPKO, Department of Field Support (DFS) and DPA staff who are likely to be involved in crisis management
  • Have the rank level of Lieutenant Colonel (OF4) – Major General (OF7) or equivalent police levels. In certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.

UN personnel at P4 – D2 levels or equivalent FS and GS levels may apply. In certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Course language


Students must be proficient in oral and written English (equivalent to: NATO STANAG 6001/ 3-2-3-2). No translation service will be available.


We open for application no later than 3 months before the course starts. The deadline for applications is normally 8 weeks before the course starts.

Please check dates in our course schedule.

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