Intelligence in UN Peace Operations

Where does the UN stand in terms of effective intelligence and what is needed to improve the utilisation of intelligence for decision-making and mandate implementation in UN peace operations?
​​This report provides a case study of a recent cutting edge asset for UN intelligence in
contemporary UN peace operations – the All Sources Information Fusion Unit (ASIFU). 

Drawing from findings during a field trip to MINUSMA and UNMISS in June 2016, the authors examine how intelligence is used to support decision-making and implementation of the prioritised mission mandate for both missions – Protection of Civilians (POC).

The analytical framework of the report is the four-phased intelligence cycle, which forms the basis for conclusions on intelligence entities and processes in these missions, as well as recommendations for how to increase the usefulness of intelligence in UN peace operations.

Published 20 April 2017 08:39.. Last updated 17 June 2019 09:41.