Larsdotter, Kersti
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StillingAssociate Professor
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​​​​​​Kersti Larsdotter is Associate Professor of military strategy and doctrine at the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College. She earned her PhD in Peace and Development Research from the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg (2011). Larsdotter is also a non-resident Associate Professor of War Studies at the Swedish Defence University.

Before joining the Norwegian Defence University College, Larsdotter held a position at the Swedish Defence University (2002-2017). She has also held visiting positions at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University (2011-2014), the Security Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012-2013), and the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (2009).

Her research interests include the dynamics, nature and conduct of war, specifically civil wars and different forms of military interventions, such as peacekeeping, stability and counterinsurgency operations. Her current research falls into two main areas: the use of force in UN operations, and transnational aspects of civil wars and military interventions in the African Great Lakes area. 

Fields of interest

  • Peacekeeping and stability operations
  • Insurgency and counterinsurgency
  • Civil wars
  • Military strategy
  • Military doctrines
  • Sub Saharan Africa
  • Qualitative methods

Artikler i vitenskapelige tidsskrifter

  • Larsdotter, Kersti. 2015. Security Assistance in Africa: The Case for Less. Parameters 45 (2).
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