Geir Isaksen
AvdelingForsvarets høgskole
StillingOrlogskaptein/ Commander
Telefon9909 2264
Commander (CDR) Geir Isaksen has more than fourteen years in the field of ADL and is responsible for more than thirty e-learning- and R&D projects in the field of e-learning, m-learning, online learning and emerging technologies. 
So far, he has published more than 10 papers covering different fields like mobile learning, student motivation and cognitive overload in e learning. 
Isaksen holds a master's degree in information computer technology (ICT) & learning from the University of Aalborg (2014) and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, from Vestfold University College (1998). 
CDR Isaksen holds the position as an ADL Staff Officer at the Norwegian Defense University College /ADL section, where he is responsible for leading and coordinating procurement, development and implementation of ADL projects. 
​His military background is from the Navy, serving on submarines for six years as an electro engineer. He is a member of the NATO Training Group Task Group IT/ED since 2005, where he served as the ADL subgroup chairperson from 2007 to 2011. 
As the Norwegian ADL Partnership executive director and a member of the NORDEFCO ADL forum of experts, he works closely with international cooperation.​​
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